Black Speakers Network EP14: Transforming Connections to Conversations (with Robert Youngblood)

by | Sep 2, 2021

Having a thousand plus followers on social media does not guarantee cash flow, but
developing conversation with your audience is the real deal. Content is a one-way
communication, but the conversation is the true way of exchange that provides a mutual
benefit dialogue. In this episode, I’m joined by Rob "YB'' Youngblood, the Chief
Connecting Officer of YBConnects LLC. In many circles, Rob is known as The LinkedIn
Locksmith because of his ability to unlock the power of LinkedIn for Speakers who struggle
with using the platform to increase their visibility, credibility & profitability.

Rob has contributed to the Amazon Best Seller – SPEAK UP! The Ultimate Guide to
dominate in the speaking industry, where his chapter shows speakers how to leverage
LinkedIn to grow their network and net worth. His mission is to enhance Clarity, Confidence,
Connections and cash Flow of Entrepreneurs through coaching, consulting and training, Rob
is also proud husband, father, and native of the Bronx, NY – currently living in Richmond,

During this episode, Rob shares how you can create meaningful networks and transition your
connections into real conversations to increase your conversions and cash flow.


In This Episode, You Will Learn About:

  • Building real connections in the age of social media
  • How to leverage LinkedIn to build a robust network to get the right results
  • How rob acquired the name LinkedIn Locksmith
  • Transformations in networking events and online relationship
  • Three tips to nail down your networking events to build your cash flow
  • Why hybrid in self-publishing is an excellent opportunity for content writers
  • Takeaways for upcoming authors from Rob
  • How to leverage opportunities to make an impact through your books
  • Ways to reach out and connect with Rob

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