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Whether your answer is yes or no, BSN’s first Master’s webinar is worth your time. This one-hour presentation, hosted by social media and business development expert, Tammira Lucas, will help guide you as you develop or further your business plan.

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Mrs. Lucas uses her professional experience and expertise to inform business owners and entrepreneurs on the top four social media platforms:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Periscope

Your goal is to decide which platform/s is appropriate for your brand and/or product. The presentation will tell you specific platform features and demographics that are useful when developing your business strategy.

Moreover, there are 12 Ways to Build Your Social Media Brand. During this segment, you will learn inexpensive and time efficient methods to leverage your content.

After you master your platform, then you need to hook your audience with content like a P.I.R.A.T.E. Can you guess the meaning of each letter?

Finally, Mrs. Lucas, the Business Doctor, will prescribe you with a winning toolkit to become a true master of social media. In this kit you will receive:

  1. A list of content calendar tools to help you manage and save time when growing your business
  2. How to monetize your social media pages
  3. Drive and maintain traffic from your social media page to other platforms like company websites, blogs, etc.
  4. Apps that will supplement specific features of each major platform

For entrepreneurs, time is money and it must be invested wisely. For only 1 hour of your time, you will maximize your understanding of social media and discover its true value to you as a business expert.

Click this Link to Watch the Webinar Replay

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