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April 30, 2022 | 10am – 2pm EST | Cost: FREE

Learn the SECRETS to Intentionally Creating the Business & Life You Desire & Deserve!

Want to achieve unprecedented success in business and live a happyand healthy life you truly desire and deserve? Reserve your spot in thefree online Lifestyle Design Virtual Summit now!

“Multiple Speakers, ONE Theme:”
Living Life on Your Terms!

Brian J. Olds

Black Speakers Network

Shauna K.

Creator, Big Brand Theory

Sam Smith

The Creative Consulting Group

Esha Herbert-Davis

Events by Ashe

Bridget Vincent

Chief Media 24

Benita Tyler

Next Chapter Out Loud Coaching

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Why Do You Need The Lifestyle Design Virtual Summit?

Take a moment right here right now to think long and hard about why your life is the way it is…

Maybe you’ve been ignoring that inner voice for too long. Maybe you are unclear about your goals. Maybe you are afraid of failure. Maybe you just don’t know how you can break free from the shackles bogging down.

Whatever the case, it’s about time you shake things up. Because no one is going to do it for you. And life’s just too short to play it small, isn’t it?

Find your true calling, learn what it takes to reach your peak performance, go after your passion, break through the limitations, and make the most of your talents to unlock the keys to an extraordinary life – all at once.

Join the Lifestyle Design Virtual Summit to get the knowledge, insights, and practical tips and tools you need to design the life of your dreams, on your terms.

The time clock is ticking. Inaction is not an option – not anymore.

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You should attend the Lifestyle Design Summit If…

Have you had enough of being lost, confused, and stuck? Are you struggling to escape your soul-sucking 9-5 job and simply going with the flow, living paycheck to paycheck? Want to start a profitable business, and begin living life on your own terms?

Then the Lifestyle Design Virtual Summit is for you!

With their extensive experience in the field of lifestyle design and business, our six featured speakers will break it down to you – step by step – what you exactly need to achieve exponential success in your personal and professional life.

The result? You will be well and truly on your way to executing innovative business ideas to build wealth and live a meaningful and purposeful life.

No excuses. No drama. Just massive action to design the life of your dreams.

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Why Attend The Lifestyle Design Virtual Summit?

Learn to Live Life on Your Own Terms

Get practical tips and tools on living life on your own terms. Finally, break free from your limitations and take back control to design and live the life you want.

Get A Roadmap to Escape Your 9-5 Life

Wave goodbye to your dull and boring 9-5. Escape the shackles through a tailored plan designed to help you become your own boss.

Understand & Master Yourself

Develop a deep understanding of your strengths, talents, and gifts. Gain clarity and set as well as achieve your desired goals.

Discover Proven Ways to Think and Monetize Innovative Ideas

Learn tried and tested ways to brainstorm brilliant ideas. Also, learn to turn your ideas into businesses.

Explore Multiple Paths to Succeed in Business

Forget time-old business strategies. And learn modern and creative ways of doing business to add significant value, attains sustainable success, and create wealth.

No Geographical Limitations

Gain the golden nuggets of wisdom right from the comfort of your home. Interact and build relations with talented individuals from all over the globe.

Ready to elevate your life?

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