• Dr. David M. Walker

    SPECIALIZATION Personal Development & Empowerment

    Beyond the Culture: Are you struggling to make a positive impact in your family and community but could use some support via motivation? Do you want to lead in a way that others will follow?

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  • Elle Cole

    SPECIALIZATION Inspiration & Motivation

    Through Cleverly Changing I believe, together, we can help empower and inspire others to live cleverly, changing when necessary. It is also my goal to raise my daughters to be healthy women that love life and have enough self-awareness

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  • Ryan C. Greene

    SPECIALIZATION Business Development, Business Management & Leadership

    The show that teaches you how to monetize your expertise and build passion-driven revenue streams.

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  • Pam Perry

    SPECIALIZATION Marketing, Branding, PR, Advertising & Sales

    How to Use Media to Garner You Publicity so you are Ready, Set and Getting Out There to speak.

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  • Melissa D. White

    SPECIALIZATION Professional & Career Development

    Tune for the Activation required to make an impact through your purpose at work and in the world. From Sales & Marketing Exec to now International Speaker and Life & Business Coach,

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  • Dr. Laura Louis

    SPECIALIZATION Leadership & Development

    While listening to the Couch to Podium Podcast, we’ll take the “what’s next?” out of building a lucrative speaking business!

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  • Lindsey Vertner

    SPECIALIZATION Personal Development & Empowerment

    The Happy Hour Show with Lindsey Vertner is the ultimate personal development show with real-time audience participation. Lindsey hosts fireside chat interviews with phenomenal beings who make a difference in their areas of expertise.

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