I am the America’s N0 1 Perspective Engineer. I arrived in the USA as a refugee in
2009 fleeing persecution. I served as a member of Parliament and Government in
Rwanda as well as Executive Director for an agency that resettled me in Knoxville-
Tennessee. With my vast working experience, my first job was for $6,55 an hour.
Because of my God’s given INTUMBERO, I kept being aligned with my vision, mindset,
beliefs, and actions. I started to invest in myself and building relationships. I received
the Champion for Change award from Church World Service and Community Shares. I
was a Keynote speaker at the 4 th Annual Refugee Mental Health and Wellness
conference, Success Fest 2021, and a panelist in different forums on diversity, women,
empowerment… I help young and middle-aged women to overcome poverty, trauma,
align with their perspective and thrive. “If you don’t invest you don’t harvest”- Drocella