Black Speaker Network EP17: Structuring Your Business for Global Travel (with Danielle Tucker)

by | Oct 8, 2021

Do you need the freedom to travel the world without following any orders from your boss? Do you want to rekindle your love with your mate by exploring new horizons, and never having to worrying about finances, human resources, payroll, or procurements in your empire? Well, you need to have a business that can run smoothly and efficiently without your presence. Any business that is entirely dependent on its founder for success is doomed to fail. For this reason, I am joined by Danielle Tucker, a professional business consultant, to give us insights on how to structure your business for global travel.

Danielle Tucker is the founder of Professional Speaker Websites, a web agency dedicated to empowering visionary coaches, consultants, and speakers to elevate their brands so they can attract more right-fit clients, secure speaking and media opportunities. As the strategist of choice for experts featured in ABC, FOX, Essence, and Black Enterprise, Danielle’s supportive and collaborative process will empower you to intentionally elevate your brand and broadcast your brilliance to the next level!

During this episode, we will discuss the importance of having a business independent of you, the best practical business structures, and tips on how you can elevate your business profitability while still exploring other places in the world.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • My current location-Danielle Tucker
  • My perspectives on global travel and how my desire started
  • Experiences and importance of business that independent
  • How I handled marital and parental responsibilities and still travel
  • Different cultural adaptations as a traveler
  • The US culture that I long to have while I am in other countries
  • Emerging trends in consultancy, public speaking, and coaching
  • The must-haves for people who want to enjoy the location freedom
  • How to connect with Danielle Tucker


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