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The Face of the Speaking Industry is Changing


Are You Ready To Grow As A Professional Speaker?

Black Speakers Network created the 5M Model for Professional Speaking Success ™ which is designed to help speakers develop the essential knowledge and skills need to build a profitable speaking business.

Speak Up! takes a deep dive into each part of the model which includes:

Mission – Uncover your passion and purpose
Message – Refine your presentation skills
Marketing – Develop strategies to reach your audience
Monetize – Generate multiple streams of revenue
Management – Create systems to grow your business

Gain access to the expertise and wisdom of over 30 remarkable co-authors who are current and emerging thought leaders, entrepreneurs and expert speakers dedicated to advancing the mission of Black Speakers Network.

Meet The Authors

Foreword: Dr. George Fraser

Afterword: Les Brown

Dupé Aleru, Summer Alexander, Crystal Berger, Tiffany Bethea, Apryl Beverly, Horace Buddoo, Quinn Conyers, Marshall Fox, Reginald Gant, Aurora Gregory, Tierany Griffin, Mwale & Chantel Henry, Linnita Hosten, Kiaundra Jackson, Mothyna James-Brightful, Krista Jennings, Roquita Johnson, Dr. Will Moreland, Candice Nicole, Brian J. Olds, Altovise Pelzer, Pam Perry, Keisha Reynolds, Shan-Nel Simmons, Kanika Tolver, Cliff Townsend, Danielle Tucker, Layna Ware, DeKesha Williams, LaKesha Womack, Cheryl Wood, Rob “YB” Youngblood


” No matter if your speaking journey has been a life-long calling or a newly kindled interest, Speak Up! The Ultimate Guide to Dominate in the Speaking Industry is here to serve as your road map to the next level.”

-Brian J Olds, Founder Black Speakers Network

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President Black Speakers Network:

Brian is the go-to-expert for emerging professional speakers and entrepreneurs who crave confidence, clarity and credibility without breaking the bank. Learn More:

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