#BSNBooked – Celebrating Black Speakers Network’s BOOKED Speakers for January of 2024

by | Feb 12, 2024

Black Speakers Network has started the year off with a BANG! đź’Ą

We are thrilled to announce that we have successfully booked some exceptional speakers for upcoming events, both within and outside of the BSN community. Please take a moment to join us in celebrating these incredible speakers for their outstanding contributions to our community.

The speakers featured below are BSN Premium Members who we have secured for our events are experts in their fields and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with our audience. Their unique perspectives and insights will undoubtedly inspire, educate, and empower our community.

*In 2024, BSN has successfully booked 40 speakers and 370 speakers in 2023!

We would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the following speakers:

Events Secured Through Black Speakers Network

  1. Averri Liggins – Impact, Income & Freedom Summit
  2. LaTonia Naylor – I Am Shatoria Podcast
  3. Brian J. Olds – Urban Alliance, Baltimore – Fall Internship Kickoff
  4. Dr. Que Parnell – AIM for Greatness, Impact Income & Freedom Summit
  5. Monique Pearson – AIM for Greatness, LEADERS S.H.I.F.T. Podcast, Baltimore BizCon Virtual Prelude Summit
  6. Freddy Jackson – AIM for Greatness
  7. Reginald Gant – AIM for Greatness
  8. Cassandra Hill – AIM for Greatness
  9. Carol Muleta – AIM for Greatness
  10.  Monika M. Pickett – LEADERS S.H.I.F.T. Podcast
  11.  Nichica Melton – Fit and Fierce Podcast with Coach Beverly K. Johnson
  12.  Julialynne Walker – I Am Shantoria Podcast
  13.  Dr. Tabatha Russell – Impact, Income & Freedom Summit
  14.  Quinn Conyers – Impact, Income & Freedom Summit
  15.  Shanel Evans – Impact, Income & Freedom Summit
  16.  Janet Little – Baltimore BizCon Virtual Prelude Summit
  17.  Christi Venable – Baltimore BizCon Virtual Prelude Summit
  18.  Dr. Kimberly Walker – Baltimore BizCon Virtual Prelude Summit
  19.  Michelle Harmone-Malone – Baltimore BizCon Virtual Prelude Summit
  20.  Dr. Stephanie Wall – Baltimore BizCon Virtual Prelude Summit
  21.  Shanel Evans – Baltimore BizCon Virtual Prelude Summit
  22.  Chrissy Thornton – Baltimore BizCon Virtual Prelude Summit
  23.  Lyndsae’ Peele – Baltimore BizCon Virtual Prelude Summit
  24.  Shan-Nel D. Simmons – Baltimore BizCon Virtual Prelude Summit

External Events Not Secured Through Black Speakers Network

  1. Sheila Spencer – Moms Do Recover Conference, Face Off with D. Marie – Taking the Mask Off to Discuss Self Care
  2. Justin Cloud – The Nonprofit Impact Summit
  3. Tirzah Andrews – Daily Gospel Network TV Podcast
  4. Nichica Melton – EmpowerU Crown Up Podcast with Britteny Petty
  5. Trina Ramsey – Women of Power Podcast
  6. Brigitte Jackson – Epic Fab Girl Masterclass, Leadership 101 for High Paid Entrepreneurs Summit, Together We Rise Podcast
  7. Monique Pearson – Rediscovering Your Passion and Purpose with Patti Strueland
  8. Dr. Ashley Dash – Let’s Talk About It: Healing Work-Hurt
  9. Lisa Ealy – Black Church Vendor Fair

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Once again, congratulations to our esteemed speakers, and thank you to our wonderful community for your unwavering support. Together, let’s continue to learn, grow, and inspire each other.

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