Member Spotlight: Dr. David M. Walker

by | Oct 3, 2021

Each month, BSN wants to highlight a different member who has seen success using BSN’s resources and community. They have agreed to do an interview about their experience and we are sharing their takeaways below:

Meet Dr. David M. Walker

What’s your occupation?

I am the CEO/Founder of Walker Media Group LLC. I use the LLC for my business as a speaker, author, and radio host. I also host the podcast, Beyond the Culture. I am a retired New York City school administrator. I served the NYC school district for more than 30 years. I am a former pastor and retired NCAA Division 1 College basketball referee.

What kind of resources were you using before BSN?

I was in the early stages of becoming a public speaker before I joined BSN. I did not have a website, speaker reel, or any resources that you need to be a public speaker, especially an opportunity to speak on a stage. Through BSN, I have had several opportunities to speak on virtual stages. I connected with a web designer and had a website developed. I started a podcast to help build my public speaking skills which BSN promotes on its website. The resources that BSN provides have helped me to have a sound foundation as a public speaker.

What were your goals when signing up for BSN?

When I joined BSN, my goals were to be part of a community of black speakers. I also wanted to collaborate with a highly successful speakers’ community to get the best training and development available. Finally, I wanted to get more speaking opportunities. I achieved each of these goals to date. I look to establish new goals and work with BSN on new endeavors.

.What has been the most valuable part of BSN for you?

The most valuable part of BSN is that it fosters what a “community” should do: bring together people with common interests and a shared identity and share resources to enhance the community, both individually and collectively. I believe this is the staple of BSN.

What advice would you give an aspiring public speaker?

Every aspiring public speaker or business owner should know that the best decision you can make is never to take the journey alone. Instead, make sure you get a coach or mentor to help to achieve your goals. There’s no sense in repeating mistakes they have already made for you.




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