4 Easy Ways to Create a Marketing Buzz as a Public Speaker

by | Feb 27, 2021

Perhaps you have been a public speaker for some time or maybe you are just starting out but either way, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’re constantly improving your public speaking skills. Developing your skills can mean more exposure, paid speaking engagements, and an increase in your confidence. Below are a few tips to help you improve your public speaking skills:

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

Let’s face it, even some of the best public speakers get a little nervous. Public speaking can be anxiety inducing; sweaty palms, shallow breathing, brain fades, etc. It happens to the best of us. This does not make you a bad public speaker. As you continue to improve your public speaking skills, practice is key. As with anything, practice can make perfect and public speaking is no different. Once you have locked down your message, practice as many times as it takes to feel confident. Practice in the mirror or in front of friends/family until your jitters subside.

2. Be In Tune with Your Audience

Good public speakers know how to engage with their audience. Part of improving your public speaking skills is recognizing that ultimately your speech is about delivering a message to them so grabbing their attention early is important. If possible, learn as much as you can about them beforehand and acknowledge them immediately. Make eye contact with as many people as you can and ask poignant questions that will encourage audience participation.

You should always be scanning the crowd to determine how your audience is digesting your message and be sure to adjust when you feel like you’re losing them. Every audience is different so it may take awhile to find your flow but if you’re paying attention to things like reactions and engagement, you will get there eventually

3. Work on Your Body Language & Delivery

As a public speaker, I’m sure you’re already aware that it isn’t just about your message. You may have the most inspirational message out there but if your delivery and body language is off, you can lose the room. While trying to engage your audience and improve your public speaking skills, always remember to smile. Try to avoid standing behind a podium or desk during the entire speech and instead move comfortably around the stage, being careful to avoid distracting movements. Use natural hand gestures that help you tell your story and enhance your overall presentation.

In addition to effective body language, it’s also important to keep your tone in mind. Your tone is almost as important as the message because it helps to engage your audience. Speak slowly, articulate and try to avoid any filler language like “um” or “uh”. Take breaths and pauses when appropriate.  A pause will allow your audience to digest the important parts of your message. While there’s nothing wrong with writing up a few cue cards for reference, avoid reading word for word off of the card as that may be boring to your audience. You should also avoid memorizing your speech verbatim. Part of improving your public speaking skills is finding a style and flow that works for you and refine it as you go.

4. Spice Up Your Presentation

To improve your public speaking skills, look for new and unique ways to engage your audience. Anyone can stand up and start speaking to an audience but how one presents their message is what makes them stand out. For many, it takes a while to find what works for them but consider exploring various methods of engagement. Many use humor or a personal story to grab their audience’s attention; proving themselves to be relatable to the room. Visual aids are another popular way to engage your listeners. A visual-heavy PowerPoint or prop can accompany your words and really drive home your message when used appropriately

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