Black Speakers Network EP1: How To Write Your Book and Build Your Brand (with Sharai Robbin)

by | Jun 10, 2021

Want to publish a book but unsure where to begin?

Join us in today’s episode of the Black Speakers Network Podcast. Brian Olds interviews Sharai Robbin, a best seller author, speaker, celebrity ghostwriter, editor, CEO of literary services, and Boss Bae. Sharai is multifaceted, as she shares the birth of her love for terminology after reading Ego Trippin by Nikki Giovanni at her high school in Philadelphia. She takes us through the journey from start to finish in her twenty-year-old editing career. After graduating with her MBA, in English Composition, Sharai decided to take a leap of faith and become an entrepreneur.

Podcast overview :
● The birth of literary passion
● From freelance to $80,000
● Locating Boss Bae’s
● Write your book, build your brand
● Target audience, advertisement, engagement

Sharai shares her lessons from a freelance editor, big-time published author, and the innate desire to help others. She shares the risk pursued and some of her breakthroughs. Her determination, persistence, and love for writing have allowed her to make strides in her career and business annually. The lessons that she shares will encourage listeners to take the next step in their endeavors.

Her latest work is her “ Write Your Book, Build Your Brand” business. She partners with what she calls; English nerds to create Boss Baes for upcoming authors. She shares her unique lessons in leadership, content branding, and rebranding tips. Sharai gives us a personal insight into her experience in her current Webinars; which feature transformation teaching, live coaching calls, and a private Facebook group. Viewers describe her journey as pure, inspirational, and informative.

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