Black Speakers Network EP2: Excellence is cultivated overtime (with Delatorro McNeal)

by | Jun 10, 2021

What happens when they like you?

It takes little to no effort to be an expert in today’s world. Whenever we find ourselves; googling answers, reading articles, watching a short clip, or creating a brand or business, we consider ourselves elitist. In today’s episode of the Black Speakers Network Podcast, Brian Olds interviews Delatorro McNeal, a renowned motivational speaker, author, and entrepreneur who has dedicated over twenty years to creating influential motivational speakers. Delatorro shares his unconventional speaking journey, as his mother was the one who cultivated his oratory gifts in the gospel. He discovered an admiration for the simplicity of literary connotations. He soon began to read quote books, where he started to write letters for his father.

Podcast Overview:
● Cultivating oratory gifts
● Annoying echoes
● Age of solution
● The Key Note
● Excellence, ethics, and persuasion

Delatorro discusses the importance of authenticity when speaking in public. He encourages listeners to utilize the skill of persuasion to silence their inner critics long enough during a presentation to transform the minds of their audience. He focuses on the importance of faith- based principles and allowing spiritual grounding to be the hallmark in motivational speaking. He informs listeners that it is far more necessary to create an impactful connection instead of content planning and mere influence.

Delatorro introduces us to The Key Note, the world's first inspirational business reality television show based upon public speaking. The show has featured in magazines such as Toastmasters and Huffington post. With his passion for pursuing high achievers, he gives us insight into his
speaking programs, courses, and conferences that will help inspire and fuel listeners to ignore the rip-off version of our stories and stand in our truths to share our gifts.

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