Black Speakers Network EP10: How Much Should I Charge As A Speaker? (with Dr. Cheryl Woods)

by | Aug 2, 2021

Afraid to express your rates?


In today’s episode 10 of the Black Speakers Network Podcast, founder Brian Olds interviews Dr. Cheryl Woods. An international motivational speaker, best selling author, and development coach who shares information for aspiring speakers and those who seek profit in the speaking business and community. Dr. Woods encourages listeners to start small, develop confidence in the area of profitability and never be afraid to progress in regards to credibility. Dr. Woods possesses years of experience and holds an extensive history in the speaking business, scaling her own business and creating communities. She shares her new upcoming projects in partnership with renowned speakers such as Les Brown, George Fraser, Lynn Richardson, Trent Shelton, and many more. The SpeakerCon will begin in November. Aspiring speakers will be encouraged to create their books and create a platform for speakers to have their voices heard.

Podcast Overview: 

  • Profit potential
  • You Won’t Push Past Your Comfort Zone
  • Growth In The Speaking Industry
  • Multiple Streams Of Income
  • Negotiation


Dr. Woods empowers listeners to charge a minimum threshold for their thirty-minute speaking engagements. She explains that there are profit potentials where there is not an expected profit. Dr. Woods shares many ways to create multiple streams of income in the speaking industry, outside of the speaking engagements. Some of her examples include books, courses, and masterclasses. Dr. Woods discusses repurposing content and the importance of creating your community. She states that she would like to see more women speakers in the industry as the margins indicated a growth of 2.3 billion dollars.


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