Black Speakers Network EP9: How To Balance Multiple Priorities (with Dr. Eric Holmes)

by | Aug 2, 2021

Having a hard time making time for the things that matter?


Many times we claim to be too busy, when the truth is that we are struggling to prioritize. In today’s episode, founder Brian Olds interviews Dr. Eric Holmes, a family man, speaker, author, coach and community leader. Dr. Holmes shares how he prioritizes his many roles, and the importance of endurance in the accomplishment of your goals. With 25+ years as an corporate employee at John Hopkins, a life in ministry and a radio show, Dr. Holmes shares his grounding methods in prayer, as he learned that not every opportunity is one that you should take.

Podcast Overview: 

  • How to prioritize 
  • Endurance and patience 
  • Showing up for your audience
  • Perspective 
  • Running your race


Dr. Holmes inspires speakers to know their audience and to show up for them every day. He explains that things change in our lives. We must be willing to work hard, create plans of action, and endure seasons of patience. Dr. Holmes explains that it is not how you start but how you finish. Dr. Holmes discusses the importance of vision and keeping a vision board. In today’s world of comparison, he discusses the importance of mindset and maintaining a positive perspective. Dr. Holmes tells listeners to surround themselves with people that inspire you and who desire a similar destination. His current projects are as follows; My Next Season Is Due, featured in the 2021 Readers Choice Awards. He is the coauthor of Soulful Affirmations, and he is currently working on building a coaching business for future speakers.

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