Black Speakers Network EP12: Getting Brand Ready (with Pam Perry)

by | Aug 25, 2021

Slow and steady wins the race.

In today’s episode, founder Brian Olds interviews Pam Perry, a PR and advertising expert. Pam discusses the racial divide and ambiguities in the media as it relates to African-Americans. Born and raised in Detroit, she shares her experiences growing up in one of the largest high schools and how it has birthed creativity in many, including Ed Gordon. Pam addresses the difference between marketing and advertising, reasons why you should add PR services after you’ve branded your business, and the things we miss when seeking PR agencies.

Podcast overview:

Branding your business
Identifying your call to action
The difference between marketing and advertising
Target Audience
Speakers Magazine
Pam informs listeners that the difference between marketing and advertising is sales. She explains how often we believe that we are ready to showcase our products or services without considering our systems and foundations for success. Pam shares the importance of preparing yourself for success and encourages listeners to be patient during the process. She emphasizes the importance of customer service, functioning systems, and brand management. Pam addresses the need to know your target audience before pitching to PR agencies to ensure your products or service targets their audience. Pam is currently the founder of Speakers Magazine, a subscription service that Pam defines as a” catalog of subject matter experts.”

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