Black Speakers Network EP13: How To Go From Introvert To Influential (with Jacqueline Shaulis)

by | Aug 25, 2021

Have you ever wondered whether or not you are an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert? 


Many people find themselves identifying with three of the prevalent personality types, introvert, extrovert, and those who are ambiverts. In today’s episode, founder Brian Olds interviews Jacqueline Shaulis, a published author, professional speaker, and founder of Awesome Enterprises. Jacqueline shares insight into her relation to others and her experiences as an introvert as she takes us through her 30+ year career as a professional speaker. She informs listeners of the common stereotypes between the personalities. Jacqueline states that to decipher between the classifications, we must identify how we process stimulation. 

Podcast overview: 

  • Introversion, extroversion, ambiversion 
  • Comfort zones 
  • Defining the content of introversion 
  • Presenting yourself to the world 
  • Processing thoughts and emotions 

Jacqueline challenges listeners to question whether or not they feel energized or depleted when accompanied by large groups. She explains introversion as reserved when processing information or being mentally stimulated. Jacqueline explains introverts as deep thinkers, as they possess a curiosity about the greater depths in life. She explains that extroverts have a more gregarious personality. Jacqueline later discusses the hindrance of being an introvert in the longevity of her career and her turning point when she finalized her decision to become who Jacqueline knew she could be. Her story is inspirational and encourages speakers who possess a message to break out of their comfort zones. Jacqueline addresses the racial stereotypes surrounding introverted black women and further supports those willing to show up for themselves and the world. 


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