Black Speakers Network EP4: Using Your Voice to Make A Global Impact (with Rodney C. Burris)

by | Jun 10, 2021

Do believe your voice has the power to make a global impact?

In today’s episode of the Black Speakers Network, Brian Olds interviews leadership expert, speaker, and Black Speakers Network member Rodney. C Burris. Rodney shares the importance of small actions as they make a global impact. He believes that as we manifest our potential, we inspire everyone around us. As Rodney shares the story of the Columbine shooting victim Rachel Scott, you will begin to recognize the significance of small acts of kindness.

Podcast overview:
● Making an impact
● Experiential learning
● Leadership and development training
● Delivering outcomes
● Positioning yourself for opportunities

Rodney gives us insight into how he provides his clients experiential learning opportunities during the pandemic and our desire for togetherness. He explains his approach to leadership development training and explores how our ability to be better leaders has a direct impact on our teams & effectiveness.

He informs us that people do not care how much you know but how much you care.

Meet Rodney:
Rodney C Burris Is One of America’s Top Leaders In Unlocking Human Potential And Inspiring Organizations to Greatness raised in the inner cities of Baltimore and Jacksonville. Rodney is the son of a hardworking single mother. Because his father often battled substance abuse, the family spent time in a homeless shelter and endured poverty and domestic abuse. Despite this adversity, Rodney still earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The Johns Hopkins University and a master’s in Nonprofit Management from Capella University.

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