Black Speakers Network EP3: Outwork Your Potential (with Che Brown)

by | Jun 10, 2021

Are you overworked and underpaid?

Join us today on the Black Speakers Podcast. Brian Olds interviews the global renowned sales generator, Che Brown, who within six years has unlocked a new model in the sales industry. With 400 million dollars in revenue, Che teaches leaders 7 figure sales team concept and introduces a new methodology to businesses that success is a team sport.

Podcast overview:
● Defining a champion
● How to make the comeback better than the setback
● Today is January 1st
● Decisions + discipline= dominion
● Success is a team sport

Che defines a champion as someone who decides to get back up after life’s many blows. He shares his rules on how to make your comebacks better than your setbacks. Che shares personal perseverance after divorce and bankruptcy. As he inspires listeners to make decisions, he explains the importance of systems to achieve goals.

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