Black Speakers Network EP6: Unmuting The Voice Of The Black Woman (with Quinn Conyers)

by | Jul 7, 2021

Tired of not getting what you want and not asking for what you need?

Join Black Speakers Network in today’s episode as founder Brian Olds interviews author, community leader, and speaking maven. Quinn Conyers. Quinn is a light in the speaking industry, and she ensures that her light shines for any black woman who has not received what she deserves in the world of speaking and entrepreneurship. As Brian Olds interviews Quinn, she will empower black speakers to challenge stereotypes, stand up for themselves, and deliver their ideas clearly and concisely for their clients. As she discusses the impact of silencing women, she shares resources for unearthing the voice of the black woman.

Podcast overview: 

  • Speak Black Woman
  • Psychographics
  •  Standing together in community
  • Super serve
  • Leveraging your voice

In her new book, Speak, Black Woman, Quinn discusses the root of the silencing of black women in our communities and addresses the social stereotypes defining the black woman as angry and aggressive. Quinn explains the statistics that indicate a significant difference in income levels between women and men. She confronts the lack of resources provided to women of color who are attempting to grow their businesses. Quinn explains how the gift of public speaking funded her business. She shares how leveraging our voices will make an impact in the world, as well as our salaries. Quinn gives insight into her online resources. She explains that they assist with developing the skills needed to pitch ideas and negotiate.

Quinn shares business tips and how to overcome self-doubt and modesty. She informs listeners of the importance of having a niche and shares the lessons learned from her first anniversary for the speak black woman community. Her latest works feature on social media platforms, Clubhouse, and webinars.

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