Black Speakers Network EP7: Three Reasons You Are Stuck on Safe (with Dr. Elizabeth Carter)

by | Jul 22, 2021

Do you feel stuck in life?


There are many times in life when we feel as though we’re stuck. We contemplate going backward, and we find ourselves afraid to move forward. Join us on today’s episode of the Black Speakers Network as founder Brian Olds interviews Dr. Elizabeth Carter. With over 25+ years as a financial analyst, Dr. Carter focuses on helping others with talent development, including financial and personal improvement. Dr. Carter shares reasons why we feel stuck, the importance of cultivating your voice to reach audiences, and the key indicators of great speakers in the speaking industry.

Podcast overview:

  • Personal Improvement 
  • Talent Development 
  • Finances 
  • Significance in opportunity 
  • Contributing your value

Dr. Carter informs listeners of her mission to help African-Americans and women of color in corporate America. She shares the opportunities provided to her from networking in the Black Speakers Network community, such as the upcoming speaking summit with former member Cheryl Woods and Les Brown, and her selected submission for the National Resume Writers Association. Dr. Carter explains the importance of filling in the gaps on resumes, which Dr. Carter defines as getting rid of the white spaces with black ink. She informs us that the consequences of this are directly related to closed doors. Dr. Carter explains how Dr. Carter identified her passions for finance when Dr. Carter realized that many of her colleagues lacked financial literacy. Her latest works can be found on her website, as she continues to motivate others with her new program, Three Reasons You Are Stuck. The program focuses on mindset, money, and personal mastery.

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