Free Game in 5ive: Dr. Cheryl Wood on How to Earn $100K as a Digital Information Expert

by | Jun 13, 2022

With a vibrantly brilliant smile, Dr. Cheryl Wood brings forth brilliant ideas on how to earn $100K as a digital information expert. Dr. Wood boasts, as her hard work has earned her right to do so, major clients including NASA, IBM, FBI, USDA and Verizon. Long since the days of being a legal secretary, Dr. Wood sparks change in the lives of women across the globe as an international motivational speaker, best-selling author, and master speaker development coach. She has been featured on ABC, Radio One, Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, ESSENCE, Black Enterprise, Good Morning Washington, Fox 45 News, Fox 5 News, and numerous other media outlets! We are privileged today to experience her wisdom, though only so briefly, in this very juicy presentation. 

In this blog post, we share the deets on how to gain success using your know-how kicking it off with a simple question: Are you selling what you know? Let’s go!

Free Success Game: 5 Actionable Strategies to Upgrade Your Earnings to $100K as Digital Information Expert

Strategy 1: Stop questioning if you’re the expert. Take ownership and acknowledge it. First qualify yourself: You know something that others don’t and they are willing to pay you for it. Identify your unique offering and then, acquire expertise through personal experience, academic knowledge and through your failures and mistakes. It’s all about consistency, confidence, competence and credibility!

Strategy 2: Stop fishing in the local pond. Go global! The world is much bigger than your family, friends and neighbors. Don’t be scurred…Expand your reach!

Strategy 3: Don’t be a product pusher. Become a trusted advisor. Give expert advice regularly and create the invitation for followers to benefit from what you have to offer. Show them how to make the shift that they desire in the areas of business development, personal development, finances or health and wellness so that they can escape the current pains and frustrations.

Strategy 4: Don’t go with the flow! Create a mission statement in 10 words or less to keep all that you do connected. Articulate your unique area of brilliance to attract the right clients, to offer the right products and services and to accept the right type of speaking engagements.

Strategy 5: Don’t get caught without a backup! Create a diversified portfolio of revenue streams. As we have seen with COVID and the quarantine, life as we know it can change completely at any moment. Diversify with offerings such as online programs, books, ebooks, digital content, etc. to make sure that you have multiple streams of income.

There is so much packed into this conversation that we couldn’t possibly effectively share in such a short format. But…don’t worry! We have additional free bonus content featured on our website that will get you right where you want to be- closer to earning $100k!


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