The Rise & Impact of Black Motivational Speakers

by | Jun 22, 2022

With much of the country just finding out about our most recent holiday Juneteenth, it is now more important than ever for black people to tell their stories. There is a power in knowing where you came from and feeling unified when hearing stories that sound like yours. As a black speaker, you have a great opportunity to inspire an entire audience/generation of people that can find strength and wisdom in your words. Your impact as a black motivational speaker can change lives.

Being black carries so much weight – both positive and negative. We have been taught to endure so much and carry on without complaining. We have watched while our influence has permeated societies around the world all while being persecuted for being who we are. Our strength has pulled us out of some dark areas but has intimidated people who are determined tear us down. Our strength should be studied, and our stories amplified. We are so dynamic and have so much to share with the world. 

One of the great things about motivational speakers is that they have the ability to positively influence the lives of many people. This is one of the few professions that can create a message or movement big enough to literally change the world. As a black motivational speaker, you have the power to speak to audiences that don’t always hear from people that look like them. You can relate to those people through lived experiences and ultimately change their lives.

There have been many speeches throughout history that we still reference to this day. A powerful speech will really resonate with your audience and have the impact you’re intending. Talented black motivational speakers can rally an entire community with their words. Think about people like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, and Maya Angelou whose words have influenced books, education, politics, and more. For many black people, their words were even more powerful because their plights and experiences were so similar. For many times throughout history, a black motivational speakers’ words were all our people had to keep their spirits up and provide hope in dark times.

Throughout history, black people have been natural storytellers. We used stories to pass down history, tell folklore, and incorporate into our music among other things. We have even created our own language in a sense code switching black voices to fit into white spaces. There has always been power in our stories that have influenced people across all cultures and created movements that are still paying positive dividends to our community. 

The key for most black people in any industry is representation. We want to see people that look like us excel in their craft. Public speaking is no different. Whether you’re a black speaker, public speaking coach, manager, audience, sometimes it’s just nice to see people who look like you in the space that you’re in. That’s not to say that you can’t learn from anyone you feel comfortable with but isn’t it nice to see someone who looks like you? 

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