Black Speakers Network EP8: Know Your Number (with Dr. Will Moreland)

by | Jul 22, 2021

Are you struggling to find opportunities?


Join founder Brian Olds in today’s interview with Compton’s first billionaire, Dr. Will Moreland. Dr. Moreland is a retired college professor, life coach, and personal development trainer. He emphasizes the importance of dominating your backyard. Dr. Moreland shares how often we are left following behind the Joneses while missing the opportunities that are right in front of us. Dr. Moreland shares his story of the beginning of his brand in his hometown and the truth that you do not need tons of followers or relocation to start your brand or business. He explains to listeners the importance of relationships when speaking to your audience and cultivating your numbers.

Podcast Overview: 

  • Dominating your backyard
  • Knowing your numbers 
  • Identifying pressures 
  • Influence 
  •  Personality vs content

Dr. Moreland discusses the importance of having few loyal supporters versus a plethora of supporters whose support fluctuates. He explains the pressures of being successful and challenges listeners to decide whether or not they want to pay the actual cost of success. Dr. Moreland identifies the ways to know our numbers by taking inventory of our lives and desired incomes. He advises listeners and encourages future speakers to deliver more than your compensated amount. He explains the importance of evolution as the market changes, encouraging speakers to focus on the information that they are providing rather than their personality.

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